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Welcome to the Girl Focus Toolkit HPV Campaign Resource. This toolkit will enable you to plan, create, implement and evaluate a campaign that will resonate with girls in your country.

It’s primary purpose is to help you to deliver an effective ‘girl-focused’ HPV vaccine campaign regardless of your timeline, resources or budget. You can use it to give you ideas or to give you more practical tools that can be adapted for use.

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Learn and plan

Use these guides and learn from others who have created an HPV vaccine campaign. These documents will aid you when planning your own.


16 pages

This easy to read overview summarises all of the Toolkit components, and lets you know where to go to get your communications campaign started.

Step by Step Guide

70 pages

This comprehensive guide provides advice, ideas, tips and examples as you work through each stage of your communications process.

Campaigns in Action

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Real world examples showing how EPI teams implemented the toolkit in three different countries.

Tackling the Myths

14 pages

A guide to how best to combat the myths and misconceptions that often surround the use of vaccines, particularly during the time of Covid 19.

Social Media Guide

35 pages

All you need to know to ensure your campaign is planned and executed to get the very best results from social media.

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Creative tools

For those who are designing and creating the campaign materials these guidelines and assets are the building blocks you need to produce a campaign quickly and easily.

Design Guide

59 pages

Developed primarily for communications managers and design agencies, this document provides guidance on how to adapt existing materials across all required channels including social media.

Design Assets

Contains ready-to-use design templates that can be easily adapted to meet a country’s cultural needs.


We’re here to help

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Share your experiences

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